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House of Design op bezoek in Tallinn, Estland

In het kader van de samenwerking tussen House of Design, Estonia Design Centre (Estland) en Hamburg Und Design was Eileen Blackmore van House of Design, van donderdag 27 tot en met zaterdag 29 juni, in Tallinn de hoofdstad van Estland.
De banden die Groningen, als stad, al heeft met zusterstad Tallinn, trekt House of Design nog wat strakker aan door op designgebied uitwisselingsprogramma’s op te zetten.

In Tallinn is tegelijk met DesignXPO, eind mei, een designwedstrijd gehouden. Eileen Blackmore, van House of Design en Bart Vos van Vos Interieur waren hiervoor de juryleden. Zij hebben de eerste plaats toegekend aan Move – O – Round, een ontwerp van de Estlander: Veiko Liis. 

Eileen ging op bezoek bij het Estonia Design Centre en werd warm onthaald. Dit bezoek kwam voort uit een samenwerking tussen House of Design, hamburgunddesign en Disainikeskus: Groningen, Hamburg, Tallinn.

Bart Vos (Vos Interieur) en Eileen Blackmore (House of Design) zijn het unaniem eens geworden over de winnaar. Het simpele ontwerp, de uitvoering en de herkenbare vorm waren doorslaggevend.


Tallinn, Estonia

In May 2013, just before the DesignXPO, Tallinn organised a design festival too. They had organised a design competition. Their idea was that the winning product will be promoted and sold by Groningen. Eileen Blackmore from House of Design and Bart Vos from Vos Interieur are the judges. They chose the winner: Veiko Liis with the side table "Move-O-Round".

Tallinn is a town with many up coming design businesses. The town is brewing with energy and new ideas. 

I visited the design shop at the harbour with many great design from Tallinn designers. Some designs could have been Dutch, but some are very authentic, a mix between ancient crafts with new ideas.

Tallinn Design House

Tallinn Design House

Designers I met:

Annike Laigo, a textile designer, . She works with wool, makes velt, weaves patterns into small and large carpets and makes poofs, she calls Pebbles.



The other designer I met was Kärt Ojavee, , I met her in Hamburg in October.

She is a textile designer too. She combines new techniques with her textiles. She uses laser cutter to make patterns and soft electronics and responsive inks.



And Veiko Liis, , winner of the design prize.

2013-06-28_12.veiko-liis_512_01 2013-06-28_11.veiko-liis-move-o-round_512_01


Veiko will make two more prototypes and will send it to Groningen.
These are shown in Vos Interieur in september.

The table is easy to to disassemble and made into a flat pack. It is made out of plywood which gives the design a warm look. It is very strong, you can sit on it too.

A very handy and good looking, easy to carry, side table!



Saturday the 29th of June I woke up early and made a plan out of the great map of the Design centre, where to find your design in Tallinn.
You can download the map as PDF (5mb) from here

Some that I visited:

The Design Centre

a Swedish Estonian designer. She knits clothes and accessories with a Swedish-Estonian look.

Telliskivi Kreativzentrum

Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative Hub) is a creative and active environment in the former industrial complex (11 buildings) offering space for studios, design and vintage shops, exhibition grounds, cosy eateries and a flea market. The goal is to operate as a self-sustaining community. 


Telliskivi, Tallinn


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