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Projects organised by House of Design

01/03 2018 - 30/11 -0001

Raise the roof!

p3281275_512How can we replace the abestos rooftops on the old farmbuildings in Groningen using sustainable and local materials? And make it look good! For this dilemma we organized a design pressure cooker with Libau, Province Groningen and Farming Foundation Groningen.

In 2024 al asbestos rooftops have to be replaced. Because it concerns 120 million square meters this is an enormous operation. 75% of it is in the agricultural sector, so there is a lot of asbestos to be found in Groningen on the rooftops on the characteristic stables and barns.




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01/01 2018 - 30/06 2018

3D in education

workshop_18jan_students_3d_printing__britiren_512This partnership aims to make an important contribution to prepare schools to meet the challenges which 3D education will bring.

We aim to provide new significant professional resources to help teachers become competent and confident in thinking and making in 3D, using 3D technologies, to recognise the potential for enhancing the curriculum and motivating pupils, and show how to integrate 3D-technology across the curriculum.

The main concrete output, 3D Education Lesson Plans Resources and Guidance are intended to support teachers with high quality, tried and tested resources to acquire and improve digital competences across a wide range of education contexts for the 11-18 age range.

Teachers from England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain  and in the Netherlands Sneek and Vlieland joined in.


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01/01 2018 - 31/07 2019

BIOCAS 100 % | Biobased cups


This European project is about two important and current subjects; the (re)use of bioplastic for drinking cups and behavioral change.

Together with NHL/Stenden Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein, Limm Recycling, Worldperfect (DK) and Innofest we are working on the development of sustainable drinking cups for festivals, using PHA which is harvested from local waste water.

We are setting up a regional value chain for sustainable product development in Aarhus (DK) and Leeuwarden (NL) in which we use festivals as testing grounds, bioplastics as material and non-ownership as method.




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02/10 2017 - 30/11 -0001

Smart Leeuwarden


Eileen Blackmore is working on a new project for Leeuwarden Fryslân 2018: Smart Leeuwarden. On of the projects within Smart Leeuwarden is ‘Window to Europe’. We will make real time connection with other cities in Fryslan and Europe. You can help us test this techique in the end of December in Leeuwarden. There will be a screen in the New Oosterstraat and on the square of the Blokhuispoort. We will be testing the technique, reactions and the real time translator.



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01/10 2017 - 31/10 2017

Wonen in Groningen 2017

watertoren_hod_svdb-4_512- sorry Dutch text only - We zijn momenteel druk met de voorbereidingen van Wonen in Groningen 2017. En we doen dit jaar iets nieuws! De komende maanden werken 5 ontwerpers met 5 winkeliers aan nieuwe producten voor de winkels - gemaakt van lokale materialen.

Hiervoor hebben we - als start van het werkproces - een design pressure cooker georganiseerd in onze mooie Watertoren. De koppels zijn: Holtbar met Lisette Bokma, Laif & Nuver met Christiaan Koopman, FOLK met Studio Joop, Verroest met Ron Caspers en O'42 met Wieke Alberts.

Je kunt zondag 1 oktober de uitkomsten van dit onderzoek zien in de winkels. De route wordt aangevuld met winkels en horeca die een lokaal product verkopen of uitlichten.
En natuurlijk kun je het werkproces volgen via onze site en social media.


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20/07 2017 - 23/07 2017

self-sustainable cafe for Welcome to the village

wttv_cafe_512The festival Welcome to the Village is a festival which is an experimental play-ground for professionals, startups and students to apply, test and show new innovative solutions.

A question that came upon our path is how to develop a temporary café on the festival that is self-sustaining. The café must be demountable and able to pop-up elsewhere. The materials used must have a base of non-fossil resources or fully renewable. The café must host about 50 visitors and include a bar, toilet, small kitchen, lighting and seating.

House of Design is organising a one day Design Pressure Cooker during which the team will work towards blue print of a sustainable pop-up/pop-off café.


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16/10 2016 - 30/09 2017

Maker movement in De Marne

de-marneWe are working with municipality De Marne on some regional topics. The municipality sees opportunities for the maker movement with biobased materials.

We will research wat we can do with local crops, how we can market them in another way. Par example from flax you can make textile, from rape seed you can make oil. And also from potato starch and suger beets you can extract other materials. We also introduce new 21st century techniques like the 3D printer and laser cutting.


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09/10 2016 - 31/12 2018

Souvenirs for Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018

13226688_10206170993304796_8713116920262464328_n_512Foundation It Erfskip is developing souvenirs for LF18. The souvenirs show the memory of the Frisians and also share the memory with the visitors of LF18, in experience and product.

The products are being developed through co-creation with Frisians and in collaboration with professional designers.

House of Design is  artistic coordinator and develops workshops and involves designers.

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01/10 2016 - 02/10 2016

Wonen in Groningen 2016

tableaux01__janna_bathoorn_lrThe dates for 2016 are set! On Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of Ocober you can see, feel, taste and try all kinds of design and lifestyle products in the centre of Groningen.

We are still busy organizing the programma, but some of the stores that will participate for sure are: Laif & Nuver, Stadse Fratsen, FOLK, O'42 Interieur, Woonn en Nul50.

More news on or




01/03 2016 - 31/12 2018

Sustainable music tent for festivals

Together with festival Welcome to the Villages we are researching the possibillities of making music tents more sustainable.

We are looking at form and structure and collaborating with artist Lambert Kamps and reclycle company Omrin.

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05/02 2016 - 06/02 2016

Sustainable innovation with textiles

How can we stimulate people to seperate textiles better? How can we make new fibers from old fibers? Can we improve the shops of Estafette? These are a few of the questions that will be researched at the design pressure cooker (DPC) about textile.

The Frisian company Omrin wants to stimulate the seperation of textiles. If they can seperate it better, the can give it a second or third life. 

We organized the DPC together with the Frisian Design Factory in February 2016 the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden.

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11/11 2015 - 10/12 2015

Working on innovation with Frisian Design Factory

House of Design has found a new partner for working on innovation and sustainable solutions; the Frisian Design Factory. The FDF is a co-creation platform that wants to accelerate regional innovation together with partners from business, research, education and government. It is part of the NHL and is located in the former Blokhuispoort prison in Leeuwarden.

Together with the FDF we organized a design pressure cooker about water.

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16/10 2015 - 13/11 2015

Werkman 3D Printsels

House of Design is invited to participate in the event ‘Werkman 2015’ with the project ‘3D Printsels’. We challenge designers, makers and 3D experts to work together to develop a 3D printed interpretation of the work of H.N. Werkman.

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03/10 2015 - 04/10 2015

Wonen in Groningen 2015

On Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of October, you can walk a special shopping route along 17 furniture stores in the center of Groningen. Designers show their latest work, give workshops, or show the making process. The retailer and designers work together to provide a unique program.

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06/06 2015 - 12/09 2015

Lambert Kamps - Designer of the Season #4



Interview with Lambert Kamps about his approach to design and the pleasure of the creative process.

Gert-Jan Soepenberg gave him this title on the 6th of June. "The work of Lambert Kamps shows the fun of the creative process."

Kamps’ work, he says, is located at the intersection of art, architecture and design. Furniture suffering from obesity and cars that are in the water transformed as a boat. Nothing is to crazy for Kamps!


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14/03 2015 - 15/03 2015

Wool symposium - including Value Chain Conversation

Building with moorland wool

At the initiative of the Innovative Practice Network Veenkoloniën 'Zwoele Drentse Vachten', House of Design organized the wool symposium 'building with moorland wool', together with the Shepherds of Balloo (Herders van Balloo).

The 'Bovenkamer van Groningen' (the renovated water tower in Groningen) is a splendid location for this. Floating above the city, the audience became acquainted with this extraordinary wool.  




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15/02 2015 - 17/05 2015

Gert-Jan Soepenberg - Designer of the Season #3



For now dutch only: Interview met Gert-Jan Soepenberg over ontwerptitels, ambachtelijk werken en maakprocessen.

Tjeerd Veenhoven gaf aan hem het stokje door. “bij Gert-Jan Soepenberg komen experiment en vormgeving tegelijk alsof het zijn natuur is".

Soepenberg is productontwerper en interieurarchitect in Groningen. 

"Ik vind ambachtelijkheid en pure materialen vanzelfsprekend bij het vormgeven" zegt hij.


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12/02 2015 - 03/02 2015

Third workshop Crafts of the 21st Century | Research & Development

Third workshop crafts of the 21st century, at the Shepherds of Balloo

On Thursday, the 12th of February, 2015, the third workshop of the project 'Crafts of the 21st Century' took place. The main goal of the project is to maintain the knowledge about crafts and techniques that has been passed over from generation to generation. Sharing this knowledge creates the possibility to innovate old knowhow into new products of the 21st century. This time the workshop took place at the sheepfold of Balloo, where one of the participants of the project, Marianne Duinkerken, herds heather sheep. 




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15/01 2015 - 17/01 2015

3D-printing an elektrical guitar | Knowledge

Crowd Design Concept with Bioplastic on Eurosonic

For three days, we were present on Summerlabb during Eurosonic to present an amazing project. Together with Marleen Andela, Rikkers Gitaarbouw and Fablab Groningen we took up the challenge to live 3D print an electric guitar with bio plastic on regular 3D-printers.


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09/12 2014 - 30/11 -0001

Crafts 21st Century | Research & Development

Designers and craftsmen working together

On Tuesday the 9th of December House of Design and Sarah Suib (PhD at TU Delft) organized a Craft Design Pressure Cooker. This workshop was the first out of four workshops. The project ‘Crafts Of The 21stCentury’ is commissioned by the Interreg IVC project Regiocrafts.


Within the project 'Crafts Of The 21st Century' craftsmen and women are working together with professional designers to analyse local Dutch crafts products, techniques and materials. With the help of a method that Sarah Suib developed, these are then translated in to new products of the 21st century. 


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27/11 2014 - 27/11 2014

Pressure Cooker Hamburg - Research & Development

On the 27th of November 2014 designxport form Hamburg and House of Design from Groningen, organised a Design Pressure Cooker (DPC).

Both parties had invited entrepreneurs to the DPC with their design question and linked the company to a designer from the other country. 

This is fascinating to see it working!


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15/11 2014 - 15/02 2015

Tjeerd Veenhoven | Designer of the Season #2

Interview with Tjeerd about work, thoughts and proces.

Albert Geertjes handed down this title to him. According to Geertjes, Tjeerd is a designer that constantly makes you think "why didn't I think of this?"

As far as Tjeerd Veenhoven is concerned, being a designer isn't about trendsetting, it's almost a kind of activism; designing to change the world, even if it's only a little.


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13/10 2014 - 13/11 2014

Workshop 3D-printing - Education

Dutch for now... In het kader van 3D Comenius; Namens House of Design verzorgden Jauke van den Brink en Marleen Andela een workshop “3D denken en doen”. De workshop werd gegeven aan leerlingen uit groep 7 van OSB de Zeester op Vlieland. 

Al met al was het een zeer geslaagde dag. De leerlingen van groep 7 hebben nu een fundament. Wij zijn heel benieuwd naar wat zij in de toekomst allemaal zullen ontwerpen!


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06/10 2014 - 06/10 2014

Pigments in the Biobased Economy - Value Chain Conversation



A round table discussion aiming to set up a new value chain for natural pigments took place on October 6 2014 in Groningen. 

Many links are involved in the process from growing natural materials until the use by consumers. Not everybody knows from the others what the possibilities are within each step of the process. 

The meeting took place in in the beautiful venue of the water tower in Groningen, also known as De Bovenkamer van Groningen (Groningen's Upper Room), making it a 'round water tower discussion'.


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04/10 2014 - 05/10 2014

Wonen in Groningen 2014 - Stage

The city tour Wonen in Groningen took the public to several Furniture Shops, Interior Shops and Pop-Up Design Shops. Store owners and professional designers worked together to show the public what the city of Groningen offers.

The newest trends, robust vintage objects, unique designs, warm textiles and oriental accessories were showed durimng Wonen in Groningen on the 4th and 5th of October. 

We are looking back on a very nice weekend. 



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05/09 2014 - 07/09 2014

3D-printing on festivals - Education


Into The Great Wide Open 2014

On the 5th of September House of Design left for the festival Into The Great Wide Open. Together with a team of designers and 3D-experts our company took off to Vlieland. One of the Northern Islands of Holland.


During the festival designers and children design their own boats using a 3D-printer. This project shows children how to use their abstract ability and their spatial awareness. The project is an extension of the educative international project 3D Comenius.


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26/06 2014 - 26/06 2014

Design Pressure Cooker June 26th - Research & Development

Sorry for now dutch only:

Een Design Pressure Cooker koppelt ondernemers met een ontwerpvraagstuk aan professionele designers. In de snelkookpan werken deze koppels gedurende één dag aan dit vraagstuk, om aan het einde van de dag een nieuw ontwerp of nieuwe oplossing te presenteren.

Op donderdag 26 juni werd de eerste Design Pressure Cooker in de watertoren, bij House of Design, georganiseerd. 


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14/05 2014 - 10/05 2024

Albert Geertjes | Designer of the Season #1

for now dutch only:

“Albert Geertjes is de nestor van vrije vormgeving” zegt Eileen Blackmore van House of Design.

Dat is de reden dat hij als eerste Ontwerper van het Seizoen een tentoonstelling heeft ingericht in de Bovenkamer van Groningen.

Is Albert Geertjes vormgever of kunstenaar? De stempel design is niet per se van toepassing op zijn werken. Hij voelt zich meer kunstenaar dan vormgever. “Door het werk dat ik doe en de manier waarop ik het uitvoer krijgt werk pas zeggingskracht”.

Albert heeft het stokje inmiddels doorgegeven aan ontwerper Tjeerd Veenhoven (Ontwerper van het Seizoen #2 medio augustus) 


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10/05 2014 - 15/06 2014

DesignXPO 2014 - HOD Event

For now dutch only:

Ambacht en vakmanschap

Van zaterdag 10 mei t/m zondag 15 juni 2014 heeft de derde editie van DesignXPO plaats gevonden in de stad Groningen. Tijdens dit evenement zijn, gedurende vier weken, een tal van exposities en activiteiten bezocht. DesignXPO heeft in 2014 veel ruimte aan ambacht en vakmanschap gegeven. 

Ambacht is meer dan alleen het vervaardigen van regionale producten. Ambacht en het daaraan gekoppelde vakmanschap vormen de basis voor veel producten. DesignXPO heeft een koppeling tussen professionele ontwerpers en ambachtslieden gelegd en zette het vakmanschap van beide werelden in de spotlight. 


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09/05 2014 - 10/05 2014

UP is UP Boven Jan - Stage

Drinking, Dinning and Design shopping at one time!

From the 15th untill the 18th of May the design pop-up “Up = Up” was organized in coorporation with the restaurant Boven Jan and designer Marjolein Perin.

Guests of Boven Jan were drinking out of design cups, eating from design plates, sitting on design chairs at design tables. And after trying the products first everything was for sale.

We created a stage for designers to present themselves. 

From 10th of May untill the 15th of June DesignXPO 2014 took place in Groningen, Up= Up was a part of that.


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09/05 2014 - 14/05 2034

House of Design is moving - Watertower

for now dutch only:

House of Design is verhuist

De watertoren aan de Noorderbinnensingel 14 is het nieuwe onderkomen van House of Design en wordt sindskort de Bovenkamer van Groningen genoemd.

Samen met het bedrijf NESK verzorgt House of Design de exploitatie. In de watertoren zijn een auditorium en een expositieruimte aanwezig die af te huren zijn voor diverse bijeenkomsten.

Meer informatie opgevragen kan via

Ons nieuwe adres is:

House of Design
Noorderbinnensingel 14
9712 XB Groningen


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01/04 2014 - 02/03 2014

Designcafé #7 | Knowledge

3D printing with ceramics

On Tuesday the 1st or Wednesday the 2th of April people could join us during the Designcafé | 3D printing with ceramics. 

Johathan Keep led this Designcafé. UK based designer and artist potter Jonathan Keep presented a workshop that took participants through the process of computer 3D modelling to ceramic 3D printing.

Hear how the black-tailed godwits cry Raindrops dance goose bumps onto the road (Eftereach: Nynke Laverman / Tsjêbbe Hettinga)


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13/01 2014 - 19/01 2014

International Design Week Köln - Stage

House of Design at PASSAGEN Keulen

Gronicles presented themselves the second time during PASSAGEN Koln. They presented a mix of experimental and newly developed products wich were availble wright on the spot. Check out the pictures on facebook: facebook/gronicles

House of Design Sponsored the presentation of Gronicles in Koln out of the grant program IAG. Which is sponsoring the promotion of Design out of Groningen.


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29/11 2013 - 01/12 2013

DesignXPO Fryslân - HOD Event


Full prison during DesignXPO Fryslân

For two days the old prison, de Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden, was filled with design out of the North of Holland. As soon as the doors were open admirers of design could meet the designers which presented their work in the cells. Among these presentations a combination of art, education, innovation and design was shown.

Visitors were very excited about the diversity of the different exhibitions!


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08/10 2013 - 08/10 2013

Designers and 'Wetterboeren' – Research & Development

Design Pressure Cooker with 'Wetterboeren' in Friesland.

House of Design is involved in the project 'Wetterboeren'.

Friesland has problems regarding farming in moorland. A vision on this issue has been developed by ecologist Eddy Wymenga. It's an inspiring image on how we can implement a new way of farming in areas we know we can't forever keep on pumping water out of. 


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05/10 2013 - 06/10 2013

Wonen in Groningen 2013 - Stage

Sorry for now dutch only:

Wonen in Groningen is een wandelroute langs woonwinkels in het centrum van Groningen. Op het startpunt haalt het publiek de route op en begint vanuit hier de woonwandeling!

Tijdens het Wonen in Groningen weekend ontdekt het publiek niet alleen de diversiteit van woonwinkels in Groningen maar ontmoet ook diverse Noordelijke ontwerpers. Winkelier en Designtalent tonen woontrends en geven tips.

In oktober 2013 is Wonen in Groningen voor de eerste keer georganiseerd. In 2014 gaat een tweede editie plaatsvinden in het weekend van 4 & 5 oktober.

Houdt de website in de gaten voor programma informatie en de wandelroute. 



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15/09 2013 - 18/09 2015

House of Design 3D-Comenius - Education

House of Design booster of international learning project 3d printing and congres on the island Vlieland , NL

House of Design created and organized a project in assignment of the Province of Fryslan, to stimulate children to become a maker and to enjoy techniques again.

From 15 - 18 September an international work group made plans and create learning methods for the schools, the second congress was held in Boras, Sweden and the first lessons of '3D thinking' were teached in the Netherlands.

The project 3D Comenius teach the teachers in learning children to work and play with 3d printers under the guidance of furniture and interior designers.

Country partners: The Netherlands, Portugal, Great-Britain, Sweden and Germany.
From each country a school and design centre or designer will attend.


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01/09 2013 - 16/06 2015

3D Comenius



This innovative project has provided an ambitious and rewarding two year experience for schools, designers, design and science centres from Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden. They worked together on a teaching method on how to teach children the fun of creating, techniques and tinkering by use of the extra tool: the 3d printer.




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04/07 2013 - 04/07 2013

'Dag van de Architectuur' - Watertower

Our new office: for now dutch only!!

Eileen Blackmore  (House of Design): “Er gaat niets boven Groningen, deze term kennen we in het Noorden allemaal. Maar vanaf 2014 gaat er wel degelijk iets boven Groningen:  De watertoren: de bovenkamer van Groningen”

De watertoren aan de Noorderbinnensingel wordt momenteel gerestaureerd maar zal vanaf maart 2014 dienst doen als kantoorruimte, openbare werkplek, auditorium en expositieruimte. Tijdens de ‘Dag van de Architectuur’ kregen we een rondleiding  door en rond de watertoren.


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05/06 2013 - 10/06 2013

Design Fair DMY Berlin - Stage

Promotion from Design out of Groningen during DMY Berlin

During the DMY Berlin | International Design Festival we presented Design out off Groningen.

We showed experimental design as well as industrial design. And we heard a lot off positive reactions. 

We're looking back to a succesfull week!



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24/05 2013 - 26/05 2013

Future Products - Research & Development


Exhibition with Biobased Future Products! (for now dutch only)

Future Products krijgt hopelijk een vervolg

Tijdens DesignXPO in mei 2013 werd het concept Future Products voor het eerst gepresenteerd aan publiek. Bezoekers reageerden verwonderd, verrast en enthousiast.

House of Design is al lange tijd geïnteresseerd in de mogelijkheden die de Biobased Economy ons biedt. En dat delen we graag met onze leden. In samenwerking met Syntens Innovatiecentrum is het unieke project Future Products opgezet.

Voor de expositie tijdens DesignXPO 2013 hebben verschillende Biobased-leveranciers materiaal beschikbaar gesteld voor ontwerpers om mee te werken, te experimenteren en te produceren. De uitkomsten hebben we getoond aan het publiek tijdens DesignXPO. De reacties waren enthousiast en het publiek was verwonderd en blij verrast over de getoonde producten.  


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27/02 2013 - 27/02 2013

Design Café # 6 - Knowledge

'Business Innovation at Roegholt'

On February 27th the first Design Café of 2013 was at Roegholt. Owner Gert Valkema showed his renewed studio and showed us a couple of new designs. Recently Roegholt started working with steel. We are very curious about the future designs they will show with the new title Roegstoal (Rough steel).


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20/02 2013 - 20/02 2013

First Design XPO - HOD Event

24th untill 26th of may 2013. The centre of Groningen will be transformed into the centre of the event DesignXPO

DesignXPO is getting closer all the time and we notice that we and the participants are becoming more and more enthousiastic! The participating designers, shops and galleries are known and more programme items are added. A part of the programme, the xpo Biobased Design, will be a part of the Timeshift Festival. Besides that we have a 3d print workshops in the Groninger Museum.

We will cooperate with Syntens, Groninger Museum, Academie Minerva, Vos Interieur, Time Shift Festival, Platform Gras and more.

DesignXPO was a great succes read about it:

Jetske de Groot (designer) about DesignXPO: 'DesignXPO proves that design is hot in Groningen'
Sabine Hoes made pictures and wrote about DesignXPO: 'Great Succes'



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12/12 2012 - 13/12 2012

Regio Crafts - Craftmenship

First Crafts Design Pressure Cooker for the International project Regio Crafts in Veenhuizen

Craftsmen and designers from six different European countries met eachother, worked together and exchanged many experiences and ideas. This all happened on 12 and 13 December in the village Veenhuizen during a Craft Design Pressure Cooker.

More about Regio Crafts:

'Announcement Crafts Design Pressure Cooker Veenhuizen'
'Regio Crafts the international project'


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20/11 2012 - 20/11 2012

Design Cafe # 5 - Knowledge

API/Stenden PRE - Materials and techniques of the future

The design Cafe of 20 November brought the designers to the Applied Polymer Innovations Institute (API) in Emmen. Here, research is done on biobased plastics and a substantial supply of biobased plastic is produced to be used in 3D printers.

Next, a visit was paid to Stenden PRE, a cooperation between university of supplied sciences Stenden, API and the company Emmtech. Research takes place on all kinds of biobased materials.


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20/10 2012 - 21/10 2012

Groninger Design in Hamburg - Stage

Young and Hanson presented themeselfs in Hamburg

During hamburgunddesign/designxport House of Design was invited to present their own label Young and Hanson. The 'window shopping' presentation was a succes!

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21/09 2012 - 23/09 2012

Presentaion Bio Design - Research & Development

Biobased Design at Open Lab Ebbinge

During the closing congress of Creative City Challenge and the following manifestation Open Lab Ebbinge in Groningen from 20-23 September, a number of designers showed products they made of bio plastic and hemp in a short period of time.

Read more


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07/09 2012 - 09/10 2012

3D printing on Vlieland - Education

3D printed URO's at Into The Great Wide Open

The 3D printers ran continuously during the festival Into The Great Wide Open. House of Design let kids get acquainted with this new technique. They could draw their own design by computer and it was printed in 3D on the spot.

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21/06 2012 - 21/06 2012

3D printing with bioplastic at school - Education

Real 3D printed boats

On Thursday 21st of June, children in the age of 11 to 13 constructed their designs. The boats are made out of bioplastic, using the latest technology: 3D printer and vacuumformmachine
In the end, the solar boats will be presented to an international panel of experts and scientists, among others Wubbo Ockels and Ockels en Cradle to Cradle founder Michael Braungart.


Read more


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20/06 2012 - 20/06 2012

3D printing at school - Education

Genuine solar boats made with 3D printer

Together with professional designers and students from the Delft Univeirsity of Technology, kids in the age of 11 to 13 years designed their own solar boats and had them printed by 3D printers, using bioplastic.
The solarboat project is a cooperation of House of Design and Provinsje Fryslân, connected to the interreg IVB project Cradle to Cradle Islands and the Dong Energy Solar Challenge competition.

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19/06 2012 - 19/06 2012

Design Café # 4 - Knowledge

‘The Courage to be Inspired’

The fourth Designcafé was on the 19th of June, this time we went on a visit to Designer Alex den Braver.

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13/06 2012 - 26/06 2012

Pressure Cooker Hamburg - Research & Development

The Design Pressure Cooker wich we organized in Hamburg will be continued...

House of Design and Syntens have delivered a succesful design pressure cooker in Hamburg on 13 June. The partners and co-organisers hamburgunddesign° and TuTech were very pleased, and have decided to turn it into a yearly event.

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10/04 2012 - 10/04 2012

Design Cafe # 3 - Knowledge

'Biobased Materials'

On the 10th of april 2012 was the Design café at Tjeerd Veenhoven, the theme of the café was biobased materials. Tjeerd veenhoven was just back from his trip to India and had a lot to tell about his invention of palm leather.

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14/02 2012 - 14/02 2012

Design Cafe # 2 - Knowledge

How to present yourself?

On Tuesday 14 February 2012 found the second Design café place at Volken de Vlas.
The theme of this Design café was how to present yourself in the form of a Pecha Kucha, host of the afternoon was Volken de Vlas, who gave an inspiring presentation about his work as a designer

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01/01 2012 - 01/01 2012

Promotion Design from Groningen - Stage

House of Design receives funding of Groningen province

House of Design recently aquired comprehensive funding from Groningen province, as part of the Innovative Actionprogramme Groningen (IAG3)

This gives us the opportunity to firmly roll up our sleeves and turn Groningen into a solid design city in the coming period! Because design from Groningen has its own special character, and we should be proud to show it.

Read more

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31/12 2011 - 31/12 2011

HOD goes Hamburg - Research & Development

House of Design will work together with Design Platform out of Hamburg

In 2011 we have started to cooperate with hamburgunddesign, a design platform in Hamburg. 

Some designers participated with the Design Pressure Cooker during Design in Groningen 2011 and the Open Design day.

Hamburg about their visit to Design in Groningen 2011

Young and Hanson at designfestival Hamburg


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03/11 2011 - 06/11 2011

4th edition of Design in Groningen - HOD Event

From 3 untill 6 Novembre House of Design organizes Design in Groningen 

House of Design, the Groninger Museum, Academy Minerva/hanzehogeschool Groningen, Syntens and Vos Interior present: Design in Groningen an event of House of Design to promote the Groninger design. Theme of 2011 was "The angles of design: design, material and technique"

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15/11 2010 - 15/11 2010

First Open Design Day - HOD Event

Open Design Day in Groningen 15th of November 2008

Unique opportunity to visit houses, studios and galleries to see the work of Groninger furniture-, Interior-, jewelry-, and textiledesigners.

It is also possible to join the excursion on the bicycle along the studios and architecture. The excursions take place on Saturday 15th of November from 10 am till 12.30 pm and 14.30 pm till 16.00 pm. The central point is Boterdiep 18 in Groningen at Paul Bloemers’, House of Design is present to give you cards, routes and information. For more information see Design in Groningen

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25/09 2010 - 25/09 2010

2th Open Design Day - HOD Event

SecondOpen Design Day in Groningen was a great success!

Sunday 25 september 2010 found the second Open Design Day in Groningen place: a unique opportunity to take a look in houses, workshops, shops, galleries and workshops of independent and/or self producing designers of furniture, jewellery, interiors or interior objects.

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<p>Sunday 25 september 2010 found the second Open Design Day in Groningen place: a unique opportunity to take a look in houses, workshops, shops, galleries and workshops of independent and/or self producing designers of furniture, jewellery, interiors or interior objects.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>

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01/06 2010 - 01/06 2010

Trendtour Berlin - Stage

Together with Syntens we organised a trendtour in Berlin in June 2010.

House of Design wanted to visit Berlin to research trends in the field of (sustainable) design.
We visited the DMY, Studio 7.5 (designers Herman Miller), Design Centre, Tacheles and many more. It was very inspiring!


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01/01 2008 - 31/12 2010

C2C in Grand Theatre - Research & Development

Sustainable Interior Grand Theatre Groningen 2008- 2010

Eileen Blackmore had the idea to design a public space so Cradle2Cradle  (C2C) as possible. As an example to a large audience that sustainable is also hip. The Grand Theatre approached House of Design on the Wonen & Co in 2008 with the question of whether we could support with a new interior for the foyer.

House of Design invited the designer Melle Koot to design the interior.

Together with Summersalt we could also organise the financial part of the project. Summersalt was the project co-ordinator.


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01/01 2008 - 31/12 2012

House of Design at Wonen & Co Fair - Stage

House of Design at Wonen & Co Fair

During the pas years House of Design was a part of Wonen & Co Fair several times.

In coorporation with different professional designers we presented design from the North of Holland.

In 2012 We have set up the exhibition ‘Meet Design'.In 2011 we had a pop-up store organized. 2010 showed the members of House of Design from that year. In 2009 we created a presentation of Green Design in cooperation with Gemeente Groningen and in 2008 we presented our members for the first time.


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01/03 2007 - 01/03 2007

Design Cafe # 1 - Knowledge


How to deal with the press

The design café at Willem van Landeghem was the first in our series of designcafé's in which we visit a designer. Previous meetings were more in the character of a seminar; an evening with a theme to conclude with a networking event.

Check out the former seminars here.


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01/02 2007 - 01/02 2037

Before our Designcafes - Knowledge

Previous Design Cafe

Before we started with organising designcafes our previous meetings were more in the character of a seminar; an evening with a theme to conclude with a networking event.


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01/01 2007 - 01/01 2037

Design and Architecture Bicycletour - HOD Event

Several bicycletours in Groningen to architecture and design.

In cooperation with Paulien ExcursionsHouse of Design organised several Design and Architecture Bicycletours in Groningen.

Cycling we came along different designers and visited their offices, workshops, galeries and exhibitions. Paulien told us during the tour a lot about the architecture of Groningen. 

This HOD event led to the basic idea af the first Open Design Days wich we organized for the first time in 2008.


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